Here at Precision Design we take pride in our ability to design and build various fixture types to fulfill the needs of our customers.  Our specific design intention for each fixtures is strictly motivated by the functional requirements for your specific application.  You can feel confident that all of your testing, painting, welding, assembly, any assisted production process can be improved with a custom fixture from Precision Design.



Left - A testing fixture for an automotive center console designed to duplicate all of the attachment features found in the production assembly .  The console was used with vibration equipment  which required rigidity and a calculated center of gravity for proper balance during testing.



     Console Fixture Design using supplied CAD data


Right- A six station holding fixture for automotive registers is used for life cycle and effort testing in extreme climate environments.  A 3-axis CNC cut aluminum tooling plate was manufactured to match the mating register surfaces for a seamless component to fixture fit.



Left- A 3 station end of arm holding fixture that submerged turbine engine sections into finishing media.  CAD data was not available for the turbine sections, with the help one of our partner companies we took 3 dimensional photos  to design an accurate fixture around.




                          Notice the Turbine Mesh Data (Black)

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