Machine design can easily become overly complicated and that creates extra expense.  At Precision Design the focus remains functional simplicity throughout the design phase.  We use our extensive expertise in various systems to bring together a solution that fits our customers needs.  Each machine design incorporates deliberate focus on manufacturability to not only give each piece performance but efficiency, creating a cost effective and timely solution to all equipment produced by Precision Design.









Above - A wire cutting machine was designed and built for a major

manufacturer who wanted a safer alternative to hand held nippers.  The machine used 2 sensors

to activate an enclosed pneumatic nipper when the target component was in cut position.




Left - A 12 station life cycle machine that used a programmable

servo motor to rotate register joysticks to their limits in a positive

then negative direction while in extreme climate environments. 

The rotating tooling plate used an offset linkage to create a 1.500 in.

radius of rotation.














Right - A pneumatic tear off machine to test the

vibration weld strength of a glove box door.  The

pull off force was calculated through a memory

gauge and a PSI  chart.














Left - A single station De- Gate machine that removed 4

gates at the mold press before assembly.  The machine

was used while parts were still warm therefore specific

design features were integrated into part nesting to

accommodate for varying stages of shrink.




Right - A new set of Acetal change parts was manufactured  and installed on an existing bottling line at less cost than the OEM listed.  We can effectively upgrade your  existing equipment with very competitive pricing. 







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