The beginning of production can be an exciting stage during the birth of a product or system.   If done incorrectly however it can become a nightmare.  At Precision Design we use our experience with a dash of old fashioned common sense to diagnose the possible obstacles before they become a problem.  We work together with our customers using an open line of direct communication during the birth of their dream securing a smooth transition to reality.



Right- Custom turbine machined from

billet magnesium.  We were able to simplify

the processes required for production

to come in at a cost 5% that of our competitor.

Left- Rod holder design for deep sea fishing. 

Precision Design can help during the  early

stages of the product design to create working

models or presentations that help visualize your dream.



Right- A urethane pattern was machined

to create a mold for composite prototype

 components.  We develop custom

processes, fixtures, and setups to allow

your first article to be manufactured with

an economical quality.


Left- Stress analysis is used to test

the yield strength of this spline joint

design with less time, money, and mess

of the alternatives.







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