Precision Design works hand in hand with Alternative Systems Inc. to give our customers the best options for their custom urethane needs.  We will visit multiple possibilities before deciding on the appropriate material to get the most out of each product.  With 10 years experience creating urethane products we have the ability to get designs to the marketplace faster and more economically with quality molding systems from Precision Design. 




Left - Coated wheel samples benefit from the industrial characteristics of urethane.  Multiple durometers, colors, and fillers available to deliver your products  full potential.









Below - We are able to simply create custom            

molded urethane shapes that are very difficult to         

 manufacture with standard practices.                

Left - Custom large diameter gasket

created from a specified soft durometer

urethane for its superior sealing properties.




















Right- Drain plug used in media filled vibration

systems for part finishing.  Urethane is

capable of surviving in some of the

harshest environments found in industry.

Left - Crash dummy head with inserted

hard skull for performance testing.

Urethane was used because of the ability

to accurately imitate targeted properties.
















Below - Machinable urethane tooling resins available for your custom machining needs.  Tooling resins can be used as a more economical replacement to other engineered plastics, we will mold to your specific dimensions



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